At Lemons & Ants, our two most sought-after heirloom pieces are our albums, custom-designed in-house. Our albums are fully customizable with a choice of text, a selection of fine leather to linens or a luxurious photo wrap that complements your home and style. Our PhotoBox sourced from Europe with soft-close top and included matted prints. Both meticulously handcrafted, packaged and hand-delivered right to your doorsteps. We take pride in providing these printed products because they are the perfect way to showcase your family memories. Perfect on your coffee table or bookshelf. When clients come to us, we always what end product they have in mind. How would you display your images. Will it be on the wall where you can look at all the time, on a bookshelf for easy access or coffee table/desktop for guests and family gatherings. Its helps us shoot for what you have in mind, making a complete custom experience.

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